Why use Juyyo

We want to help you shop wiser. We connect you to great deals, promotions and offers.

Exclusive Promotions

We are working hard everyday to bring you the best exclusive promotions from local brands & retailers.

Smart Alerts Technology

Set up your smart alerts and only get promotions you are interested in. Our discovery & personalization engine save you more time.

Save Money

Never miss out on a deal! Juyyo curates promotions from both online and offline brands/retailers. We want to help you save money.

Our Vision

Help people maximise their savings when shopping

What We Do

At Juyyo, we connect shoppers to brands & retailers with promotions. Juyyo bring you the latest and most up to date promotions. Our team works hard with local brands & retailers to curate and create attractive promotions for you - our users.

Innovation is imprinted in our DNA. We want to transform the multi-billion dollar promotions industry with our innovative products.

Shop, Smarter

Almost every retailer/brand has promotions for shoppers daily. The challenge is knowing what retailer/brand has what kind of promotions available at any time. With this insights, you can shop smarter & save more money. So, we built Juyyo to make things easy for you. No more missing out promotions anymore!

Using Juyyo, you can get promotions from brands & retailers at the tip of your fingers. We help shoppers:

  • Save more money.
  • Have better shopping insights to make shopping decisions.
  • Enjoy exclusive promotions.

Our Current Mission

Make Juyyo the preferred platform for promotions discovery.