About Juyyo

What is Juyyo

Juyyo is an overseas shopping tips and recommendations community. As retailers are moving to eCommerce and logistics becomes more efficient, people can now buy things around the world and get things shipped from one end of the world to another. However, knowing what to buy, where to buy, what's the latest upcoming product, where to get the cheapest product etc become new challenges, and Juyyo is created to help address these issues.

Juyyo helps to answers …

  • Which brand should I buy?
  • Can I buy this authentic product cheaper?
  • Where should I shop for this product overseas?


The Juyyo global community is made up of students, shoppers, deals hunters, influencers, official retailers and more. Everyone here is passionate about shopping and we love to shop overseas.

Our Mission

Help you shop around the world, virtually.