Frequently Asked Questions

juyyo is a platform for promotions. We work with retailers & brands to curate and create great exclusive promotions for our users.

Save TIME & MONEY. Our Smart Alerts Technology auto recommend promotions that you may be interested in. No more searching all over the web. Our team is always working hard to create more exclusive promotions for you.

In juyyo, a promotion can be a 'discounted' offer, coupon, promo code, deals etc. In short, it's anything that offer cost savings to the user.

Tags help us understand your interests. Our Smart Alerts Techology make use of tags to recommend promotions you may most likely be interested in.

We implemented facebook connect to ease the registration process. We only collect your personal information to help improve your user experience in juyyo. We take privacy seriously.

We built juyyo as a tool to help people shop smarter & save more money.